About The Looke

Our story begins...growing up watching old movies, becoming enamored of Golden Age Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe, these two little girls grew up to create a little bit of glamour for themselves!

Stacy would watch classic movies with mom, Pam, and imagine dressing in the styles of the stars. Fabrics turned into something of an obsession and the phrase “feel the material,” became something of a family joke!

Muffy, the younger sister, came to appreciate fashion only after high school, favoring the baggy sweatshirt and jeans look that was popular at the time. It was only when Stacy, Pam and Muffy began watching the classic Doris Day movies together, that her own interest was sparked. The glamour girls in films always seemed to have a fabulous glass of bubbly in their hands, so the connection between style and cocktails piqued Muffy’s interest further.

The notion of the girls working together became Pam’s favorite topic. Over more than a few happy hours, they floated the ideas of what they might name a boutique. Stacy was quick to point out that Pam’s maiden name would be just right; Looke. The next decision was “location, location, location!”


At the end of 2015, Stacy and her father Dick (Stacy and Muffy have the same mom, different dads) had decided to shutter the family Hallmark store in Augusta Maine after more that 43 years and move to his snow-bird roost in Florida full time. Stacy and her husband David decided to follow the sunshine and leave snow shoveling behind as well. The idea of opening the kind of shop the sisters had talked about for years was made a reality when Muffy decided to pick up and move as well. Unexpectedly and somewhat amusingly, the idea that “Stacy knew clothes and Muffy knew booze” blossomed into an innovative business model. Offering a drink and an invitation to relax and look around was an approach that resonated with everyone who heard about it.



Today, the name and the catch phrase “Have a Drink Buy a Dress” have become reality. The shop has a feeling that one might call “Retro-Classic-Modern.” It’s classic 1950’s rom-com Hollywood meets comfort and ease. Retro because in fashion, if you look back, you also see the future; Classic because some shapes are timeless; Modern because new fabrics and technology can elevate your experience from just looking great to feeling great, too.

With this website, the hope is that one will pour themselves a glamorous beverage, settle in and look over the curated collection of styles that reflect their unique style perspective.