The Doris Looke

Doris Day looke

Doris Day 

No matter the era, Doris Day was considered to be the stylish and demurely sexy girl next door. She has excelled at pulling off that perfect combination of wholesomeness, femininity and sex appeal. 



Her defining style element was a collared dress or jacket to highlight her sweet smile, so shirtwaist dresses, portrait collars, pearls, scarves or cowl necks were regularly rotated in her wardrobe. 

Belted suits, often monochromatic, were staples of her onscreen wardrobe, as well as square neckline dresses worn with pearls and full skirts. Doris even became known for wearing rompers to accentuate her dancers legs. 

Halter neck dresses, slim pants with full trapeze tops and graceful kitten heels round out the Doris Day looke.