The Grace Looke

Grace Kelly Looke

Grace Kelly 

The look she loved was the circle skirt look, with a nipped waistline, fitted bodice, and big, full skirt, which was as princessy as things get. Sheer illusion elements often created the ethereal, icy-blonde image she personified. 



Mid-length skirts and dresses were Grace’s go to. Whether they are pinup-style pencil midis, or full, flouncy skirts, midis make for very trendy and sexy retro outfits even today. Grace Kelly obviously loved these, so if you're confused about how to style a midi, there is no better person to take a cue from. 

One word to describe Grace Kelly’s style is minimalism. Rarely seen in loud prints or too many bold colors, she was a fan of sticking to classic neutral hues, with the occasional light yellow, her favorite color, thrown in the mix. As a princess, she favored diamonds, but in her Hollywood years, a simple pearl necklace was usually her only accessory.