The Audrey Looke

Audrey Hepburn Looke

Audrey Hepburn

The gamine style is sweet, childlike, gentle, innocent and adorably charming. Gamine is originally a French word that means waif or playful child. But since the time of Audrey Hepburn (the original gamine), it has been used to describe a slim, boyish, doe eyed girl with mischievous and innocent childlike appeal.


Styles that typify the gamine look include slim pants with a Peter Pan collared top and flats, the simple black dress, boatneck jerseys with fitted full skirts. striped sailor shirts, cashmere sweaters in pastel colors, cardigans, blazers, cropped jackets, turtlenecks and boat-necked tops.

For dresses and skirts, wear: mini, knee-length or midi-skirts (preferably made of tulle or another flowing material), LBD’s (little black dresses, even better if they have bows or flowers), A-line dresses, baby doll dresses, tunic dresses and sailor skirts.

For pants, wear: blue or black jeans, denim shorts, capri pants, pedal pushers and tailored wide-legged pants.

For outwear, wear: trench coats, peacoats, collared coats and capes.

For shoes, wear: ballet flats, kitten heels, black pumps and a pair of heels in a soft color.

For hats: sunhats, berets, fedoras and derby hats. Or any hat that is in a pastel color or has bows, flowers or any gamine-like look.

For hair accessories: headbands, barrettes and hair elastics with charms.

For sunglasses: Wayfarer by Ray-Ban, aviator sunglasses and over-sized.

For jewelry: simple and small earrings and necklaces, anything with pearls, charm bracelets, rings with small stones or diamonds and avoid piercings at all times (except at the earlobes, of course, but only have one in each ear). Get a simple watch in a neutral color (or a pastel color) so it will go with any outfit. Don’t get a digital watch, get the classic one.

For handbags: the smaller the better, any simple handbag will do, but a quilted handbag is the best. All the better if they have cute and girly accessories like charms, bows and flowers. For the night choose a clutch and for the day it can be anything as long as it is classic and simple.

Other accessories: thin belts, colorful silk handkerchiefs and anything sweet with gamine decorations is in.