Live Life Bubbly!!

"We're just two little girls, from Little Rock"....well, actually, Maine. But it is our favorite song from our favorite Marilyn Monroe movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. And that's kinda where our story begins...growing up watching old movies, becoming enamored of stars like Marilyn, Audrey Hepburn, Doris Day, Lauren Bacall, and all the other great beauties from days past.

Our motto, "have a drink, buy a dress" is merely a suggestion.  We want our customers to come in, enjoy a beverage, perhaps make a purchase, if something strikes their fancy. If you were to come to our homes, the first thing we would do is offer you a drink to make you feel welcome and comfortable.  Water, juice, milk, CHAMPAGNE!  (In my home I'd offer you a cosmo, but I digress)  

Stacy (the boss) is a clothes horse from way back.  Always obsessed with clothing and always looking like a million bucks in whatever she wore.  The running family joke was Stacy grabbing a piece of clothing and uttering the words that to this day make me cringe, "feel the material".  Little did we know at the time, one day, this would be her future!  Me, Muffy, enjoys adult beverages and wearing pretty clothes.  That's pretty much it about me. When it came time for us to join forces and start a business, we thought we had come up with a heck of a marketing strategy....champagne and shopping! #haveadrinkbuyadress was born.

Since we hail from New England, with rocky coasts, succulent sea creatures, and....pine trees...we wanted to find a way to bring our northern style and incorporate it with a Florida feel.  Once we obtained our current space at Tarpon Point Marina (Cape Coral) we knew it was a win-win....we could keep the nautical feel of Maine aka: stripes, navy, anchors, and throw in that Florida feel and vibe aka: COLOR!!

Our not so evil plan is to have people come to a shop that makes them feel comfortable, relaxed, AMAZING, and buy for the people they love...themselves!!! (Buying is optional, preferred, but optional.  Feeling amazing is a must)

We hope you can come by (by car, by boat, or by internet) and enjoy or little slice of heaven as much as we do!!!

Live Life Bubbly!!

xo Muffy