Stacy's thoughts...

Strange days. If you happen to be reading this during the early spring of 2020, you know what I am talking about. Covid-19 has created a new, temporary reality for all of us. As I write this, I am updating our website with the hope that perhaps we can offer a little bit of retail therapy to our customers and friends. 

Beyond that, I want to offer a heartfelt thank you to our "regulars" who have reached out with a friendly word or even a gift card purchase (thank you Jana & Pam)! We appreciate all of you and cannot wait to welcome you back with a glass of champagne and a long-overdue hug!

Please check out our updated website and feel free to reach out if we can do anything to offer a little "retail therapy" over the next few weeks!

Follow us on facebook at for fun new videos with our friends at Eva by the Sea and check out any new arrivals we will post on Instagram @thelookecc

Stay home, stay safe.


Stacy (Muffy's "big" sister)


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